10 things to stop doing if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1. Stop looking for ‘cures’. The more you look for cures which fail the
more focused you will be on your illness. The solution for Chronic
Fatigue syndrome is right here on the Reverse Therapy website and it
contains all the information you will ever need on how to be well.

2. Stop pacing. There is no evidence that pacing works. The reason it
seems to work is because people are changing activities, not reducing
them. Bodymind likes change so it turns down the symptoms when more
variety is introduced. That’s especially true if what you were doing
before was a chore.

3. Stop talking about symptoms. The more you talk about the
symptoms the more trapped you will get in the illness loop. Bodymind
wants you to talk about getting well, not staying ill!

4. Stop using M.E. Chat Forums and M.E. Support Groups. All you will
ever meet are other people who are focused on illness. What’s more,
some users are so trapped in suffering that they create negative energy
which gets passed on to you. If you have made friends in a forum or a
group then meet them elsewhere.

5. Stop withdrawing from people close to you. Your Body doesn’t
create symptoms because it wants you to give up your life. It uses them
to signal that its time to create a better way of life. And that
includes spending more time with your friends and those you love.

6. Stop listening to medical doctors. With some exceptions (such as
the wonderful medics we have on the Reverse Therapy team!) most medical
doctors do not understand M.E. Either they don’t believe it exists or –
if they do treat it as a real illness – they don’t know what to do
about it. Either way you will just get frustrated.

7. Stop thinking ‘I will never get well’ and, instead, focus on what
you need to do to in order to become just that. If you don’t know what
to do then try doing anything that raises endorphins if you notice
symptoms on the increase.

8. Stop waiting for the symptoms to go. Many of our clients have
fallen into the trap of thinking ‘once these horrible symptoms go I can
get my life back’. In fact the reverse is true: once you go back to an
emotionally rewarding life, Bodymind can switch off the symptoms.

9. Stop living in the past, dwelling on all the times you have been
miserable, ill and depressed. Instead, learn to live in the moment,
being directed by what your personal Bodymind wants you to do right now.

10. Stop worrying about the future. The future is simply something
people imagine. You can learn to imagine a future in which you are
healthy and living the life you want. But better still, you can be
guided by your symptoms and start creating your future in this very

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