Personal power and motivation

Drumnbass_2A while ago, I wrote an article on motivation around the fact that my son, Dominic, was failing at school and the comment from one of his teachers that he wasn’t ‘motivated’ to do his exams.

Here is what I wrote:

‘Motivation doesn’t exist inside the person. It is a reason for doing something that comes with the activity.
I don’t yet know what needs to happen for my son to work harder at his exams – or even if he wants to. But if he finds a motivationless way out I’ll post it here.’

The Reverse Thinking point was that ‘motivation’ is a meaningless word. All it really means is that we don’t have a reason for doing something. That we can’t connect up our emotions to that particular activity. And Dom could never seem to find a convincing reason to do his school work.

But Eureka! We found something! Dominic spends hours in our garage on his mixing desk playing around with drum & bass tracks. He also learnt guitar for years. So last week I took him to the Basingstoke College and they accepted him on the Diploma course in Music Technology. Instead of doing A Levels he is going to do something he is really good at, and which he likes to do.

Result: one happy 16-year old who is really excited about College and is working hard to get the GCSE results he needs to be able to follow his passion.

Nice for me to know that Reverse Thinking can work for my son as well as my clients….

One thought on “Personal power and motivation

  1. Asun February 22, 2008 / 1:41 pm

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing, John!


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