Endorphin rush

I have been arguing for some time now that any worthwhile treatment for Anxiety, Depression and Stress-related illnesses needs to include a program for raising Endorphins.

I have written about how we do that in Reverse Therapy in the free book we released last year.

Endorphins are protein chains (neuropeptides) that are released by the Hypothalamus area in the brain. They act in the same way as morphine except that endorphins are 18-50 times stronger.

An endorphin rush can occur when:

  • You do vigorous exercise (‘runner’s high’).
  • You laugh
  • You listen to music
  • You dance
  • You eat chocolate (addictive!)
  • You eat chilis (also addictive!)
  • You practice yoga, tai chi, qi gung, etc
  • You have a massage
  • You do something creative or inspiring
  • You achieve something important
  • You share affection
  • You have an orgasm
  • You cut yourself (which is why self-harming is addictive)
  • As well as lots of other ways that are personal to you

Bodymind uses endorphins for several purposes. Firstly. to boost energy when you need it; secondly to reduce pain from injury; and thirdly, to signal that you are doing something worthwhile or enjoyable and to encourage you to do more of the same.

Next up I will be writing about how binaural beat programs can boost endorphin levels by changing brain wave patterns to the alpha and theta frequencies.

Please let me know if you have your own tips for creating an endorphin rush and, if I get enough suggestions, I will post them up on this site.

Image by AfferentRapture [Dave] 

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