Your body knows best

This is the third in the series on Bodymind wisdom – or Emotional Intelligence, if you prefer that description.

In this article I want to teach you how you can use cellular memories to make emotionally intelligent decisions for yourself.

In my last article on Cellular memories I wrote that the brain stores emotionally-charged information on every significant event that has ever happened to you. Each and every one of those experiences comes with an emotional tag so that – if a similar experience comes around again –  Bodymind can signal to you what kind of experience it might turn out to be. Your Body also sends you one of these signals when you are making a decision about whether to go for it or not. Using its database of experiences from the past it might flag up:

  1. That it will most likely be a boring, frustrating waste of time.
  2. That it could be worthwhile, but also scary, as you are plunging into the unknown
  3. That it will be an exciting opportunity.

Each emotional tag flags up an action you should follow next.

For example:

  1. Find something better to do
  2. Do it – but get advice from experienced people before you start
  3. Get going – now!

Generally, you are either going to get a Go-Ahead signal (situation No 3), a No-Go signal (situation 1), or a mixed signal (2).

  • Go-Ahead signals are, as a rule, pleasant, arousing, and exciting.
  • No-Go signals are uncomfortable, flat, and discouraging.
  • Mixed signals are a combination of the two.

You can use these signals to make decisions.

Like this:

1. Attune to your body
2. Imagine yourself going ahead and doing what you plan to do. Be sure to imagine being in your body with the new experience happening all around you.
3. Check whether you get the Go-Ahead signal or some other signal.
4. Now imagine that you have chosen NOT to do it and are doing something else (e.g. staying in same job, same relationship, same home, etc). Once again, be sure to imagine that you are in your body.
5. Check the signal again.


  1. You may get mixed signals (e.g. scary-exciting) that say ‘Go Ahead’ but exercise caution
  2. You may get no signal at all. This tells you either that you don’t yet have enough information to make a decision or that, deep down, you know the opportunity is never going to  happen.

Good hunting!

Image by Leonard Low

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