Does your body really need you?

Understanding Bodymind is the most important thing to do if you want to understand Reverse Therapy.

I confess that I don’t fully understand it myself. Hence the frequent articles on the subject while I try to get to grips with your body….

Lately, I have been wondering whether conscious thinking is simply irrelevant to life. Whether its only purpose is to come up with stories about ‘why’ we did whatever we just did.

Meanwhile, Bodymind calmly gets on with doing it with no conscious input from us at all. We are merely the ghostly spectators at a tragedy.

Here is a list of things your Body (Brain) can do without any assistance from you provided you don’t damage it with stupid Headmind ideas:

  • Store and retrieve memories
    Reject and kill wandering bacteria
    Use emotions to guide you towards correct decisions
    Renew cellular tissue
    Change optical focus and recognise distant objects
    Use awe, wonder and ecstatic states to connect you to God
    Keep you on your feet and maintain your balance
    Synthesise protein
    Deliver energy to the muscles
    Catch a ball
    Initiate and complete the sexual act
    Keep your temperature stable
    Digest food
    Excrete waste products
    Use moods to tell you the state you’re in
    Cue you to eat
    Trigger thought processes in the brain
    Detect poisonous substances
    Bond you to other people through hormone release
    Wake you up
    Send you to sleep
    Alert you to danger
    Conceive and give birth to a child
    Send you intuitions about other people’s motives
    Control your blood sugar level
    Create passion, drive, the will-to-power

What’s left for you to do except provide the commentary, the delusions, the explanations, the complaints, the appreciation and the whingeing?

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