How to be unique

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This is a continuation of my series on becoming the person you were always meant to be. The last article in the series was How to be strange. And the one before that was Why it’s ok to be a bit weird.

A second way to be strange, weird or unique is to be an incontrovertible expert in something. Or in two things. Or in three, four, five things. To become an authority on them in fact.

Now it helps if you choose subjects that a lot of other people are fascinated by. But it isn’t strictly necessary. For example, if you choose to become an expert on Palmistry or reading the Tarot then I can guarantee you a ready audience from personal experience for the simple reason that most people are fascinated by the occult, even when they pooh-pooh it. But if you decide to become, instead, an expert on Egyptian hieroglyphics the fact that you know a lot about something practically nobody knows anything about will give you a certain cachet – which is a source of pride to you, even if you happen never to speak about it. For the simple reason that Knowledge equals Power.

Another, very good, choice is to become an expert in solving problems that everybody struggles with. For example: money management, child care, dealing with difficult people, employment law, maintaining a house, etc. Knowing a lot about those things will usually mean that you end up becoming an advisor of some kind – that, too, is a great way to exploring your personal power.

One word of warning, however. Whatever project you choose, it helps to be guided by your Personal Genius.




2 thoughts on “How to be unique

  1. Callum Boase May 13, 2011 / 1:22 pm

    This post did did nothing for me, which is unusual because I usually really enjoy reading your posts. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding but it sounds like you can just wake up and choose to start becoming an expert on something (in order to explore “personal power”?”
    Of course you could, but from my personal experience choosing to work extremely hard at something for any other reason but because you are completely passionate about it is a bad decision, in fact doing exactly that, is what made me sick a few years ago.
    I think what I’m saying is I think what you’re saying is true, but that bodymind should be considered first and foremost if you chose to start becoming and expert in something, rather than thinking of it as an excersize in personal power.


  2. John Eaton May 26, 2011 / 7:30 pm

    Hi Callum. It doesn’t say anywhere in the article that people have to work extremely hard at becoming an expert. And I am careful to point out that people should be guided by Personal Genius in choosing a project. I take it for granted that people reading this blog will know that any decisions they make will be in alignment with Bodymind. Best John.


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