A great new way to improve your mood and eliminate depression

I have been working with Mark McGuinness on his new book on Resilience and he showed me a great new site – Moodscope.com which enables you to track your mood levels each day.

What’s more the service is entirely free!

Now that I have previewed this service I reckon it could be a neat little aid to therapy when I am working with depressed clients. It only takes 2 minutes to do and each day you get a percentage score which goes onto a graph. The graph enables you to see whether your mood is rising or falling. You can also keep notes on Moodscope Lite which record exactly what you were doing on any particular day – useful if you want to pin down situations which trigger good moods and bad ones.

The device works on the principle that peoples’ behaviour tends to change if they know they are being observed (this is known in Psychology as the Hawthorne Effect). So if you know that your mood will be tested each day you will be more attentive to it and will work harder to improve it. You can also arrange for Moodscope to email your daily scores to your friends (or your therapist if you have one) so that they can track your progress, give you feedback if your scores are slipping, and advice on what to do about it.

My score yesterday was 63% and the score today is 71% so it is already working for me.

Let me know if you decide to try this service and whether it works for you.

Click here to go to the Moodscope site.



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