The 5 different types of mind


On October 9th I am offering a Master Class on using Multiple Intelligences with The Beyond Partnership  in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. In this article I describe the material we will be covering.

Contrary to myth conscious reasoning, like free will, plays only a small part in human functioning.

Intelligence is distributed across the body in the neural networks of the brain, the nervous system, the glands, the heart and in the cell networks. These systems are continually in communication to and from the thinking centres located at the front of the brain. However most of the ‘decisions’ we take relating to life issues are taken outside consciousness mostly via the limbic system and the thoughts we have about those decisions are largely a matter of justification after the fact.

Even the thinking centres are divided in function and rarely act on logic or free choice. While the right brain does, indeed, function through words and facts it is something of a mole which works inch by inch through present-moment awareness sticking carefully to what is right there in front of it. The left brain works primarily through association and ‘big picture’ thinking, generating creative ideas but also fantasies and delusions. Successful thinking takes place only when both sides of the brain work in parallel, switching functions as required, and both are rooted in the power of the limbic system in generating emotions which confirm or disconfirm ideas and decisions.

Human beings are rather like conductors of an orchestra, calling upon each intelligence to play a greater or lesser part in the unfolding story, harmonizing, correcting and tuning up each of the ‘instruments’.

Here is a summary of the main intelligence centres indicating right and wrong functioning:

‘Left brain’ (right frontal lobe).

Right work: Analysing facts, perceptions and emotional signals in present moment awareness. Mindful and grounded in reality.
Wrong work: Loses bigger context, over-literal, unimaginative

‘Right brain’ (left frontal lobe).

Right work: High-speed assessment of the meaning of events through intuition. Creative. The channel for Personal Genius.
Wrong work: Fantasy, delusion, addiction, depression, anxiety and paranoia

‘Emotional brain’ (limbic system)

Right work: Delivers emotional signals to guide decision-making
Wrong work: Over-stimulation of amygdala produces anxiety

Somatic intelligence (HPA Axis and nervous system)

Right work: Smooth arousal of muscles, heart, circulation, etc to deliver action
Wrong work: Failures in thinking and emotional intelligence can lead to loss of control over arousal mechanisms, burnout and illness

Heart intelligence

Right work: Acts as a relay centre between brain and nervous system. Can rapidly calm the system down
Wrong work: Can be overwhelmed by inputs emanating from thinking centres

The human frame has a built in design fault: wayward thinking. While the intellect has created some stunning historical achievements in art, science, philosophy, architecture, social organization and elsewhere wrong work of the intellect (largely in the left-brain) is the source of paranoia, prejudice, injustice and murderous rage. More importantly the complexity of the thinking centres makes them difficult to control and they also consume a huge amount of energy. Finally, they are the main source of common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma and OCD.

In this Master Class we will be looking at:

• Why rationality and free will are over-rated (and why it doesn’t matter)
• Understanding Bodymind and working with the decisions it sends you
• The internal logic of the emotions
• How Mindfulness is key to working with non-rational intelligence
• Harmonizing left and right brain function using contextual frames
• Grounding the waywardness of the left brain using a simple 4-step process
• Knowing when to use the right brain and when not to
• Knowing when to release the personal genius in the left brain (and reining it back in)
• Attuning to incongruent/stressed states and decoding the symptom-message
• Using the heart to regulate personal state

To sign up for the Master Class download the brochure here.

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