binaural beats

This is the second in the series on binaural beats – audio programs that change brain states.

Using them we can switch off worries, create deep trance, or trigger endorphin release.

Binaural beat programs work by entraining the brain to slow down brain wave frequencies. The Beta wave, associated with agitation and over-thinking. The next slowest wave is Alpha, the state associated with relaxation and productive thought. Beyond that we have the Theta state, which occurs in deep sleep or profound meditation.

Theta waves were first studied in the 1970s and it was noticed that using equipment to produce Theta wave states produced serenity, reduced the need for sleep, cut out anxiety, boosted the immune system, enhanced creativity, and helped integrate the emotions. In addition, it is impossible to worry or get anxious so long as the Theta state is in operation.

Interestingly, Japanese research, which studied brain scans of Zen monks – showed that experienced meditators can switch down to the Theta wave in minutes.

Now binaural programs are able to create the same benefits without the need to spend years practicing meditation.

I have been testing some of these programs and recommend the one below.

Ultra Deep Relaxation


2 thoughts on “Great binaural beats”
  1. Hi John
    Thanks for this info on Binaural Beats. I have been creating my own for a while, to grat effect, and have recently started giving them out to people on request.
    The brain has so much more potential than we think and I think Binaural Beats are the way to go to, at least, take a peek at our potential.

  2. Hi Steven
    I truly believe that BBeats are going to be a new wave in the future and that there is a huge amount of experimentation for us to do.
    So glad to hear that you are part of this.
    Cheers JOHN

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