Resilience coaching

What is Resilience?

Resilience coaching
Eight drivers of Resilience

Resilience refers to the set of skills required to manage life problems that might trigger a stress response. For example, job pressures, unemployment, relationship breakdown, financial concerns, child-care, police/legal proceedings, conflicts/bullying, and serious illness.

The concept of resilience emerged from positive psychology and its investigation of stress. Rather than look at the negative effects of stress and ways to manage the symptoms, positive psychology asked the question: “What enables people to avoid getting stressed in the first place?” This translates into a further question: “What is the difference between people who get stressed, and those who don’t?”

Research on resilient people uncovered a number of skills that enabled them to handle adversity more effectively. These skills include:

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What is Resilience coaching?

Resilience Coaching teaches you all or any of the skills listed above. With a focus on developing your strengths, rather than analysing your weaknesses.

Coaching starts by assessing the life challenges you are faced with, then identifies the actions you can take in order to best manage them. While also developing coping mechanisms which reduce personal distress. Giving you all the professional support you need on your journey back to a better life.

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